Sunday, January 14, 2024

2024 Bloody Parchment short story competition open for submissions

With the release of the SA Horrorfest Bloody Parchment: Weeping Walls and Other Stories, we are pleased to announce that 2024's short story competition is now officially open for submissions. We will consider dark short fiction in the following genres: horror, fantasy, science fiction, and weird. Word count is 1,000 to 5,000 words, and payment is $25 per story. African authors, whether resident in Africa or residing elsewhere but who are in possession of a passport to an African country, are eligible, as are foreign nationals in Africa in possession of a permanent residency permit. Entries close on October 31, 2024.

Submission Guidelines

You are an African author residing in an African country or abroad, with a passport to an African country. Or you are a foreign national living permanently in an African country with a permanent residence permit.

We have a strictly 'no AI' policy. Generative AI or AI-assisted writing is disqualified.

Please use standard manuscript formatting (Times New Roman is fine) and supply your submission as an MS Word document.

We will not consider stories that include gratuitous violence, animal cruelty, racism, sexism, and anti-LGBTI messaging or stories that have an overt ideological agenda (in other words, propaganda or didactic narratives).

Email entries to with "Submission: Bloody Parchment 2024" in the subject line. Please include your name, nationality, and country of residence in your query.

For further information, email