Wednesday, May 17, 2017


It is with great pride that I bring you the final round-up for the 2016 SA HorrorFest Bloody Parchment short story competition.

Taking first place, we have Blaize Kaye, with "Remains of an Old World".

Runners-up are Brett Rex Bruton, with "The Out of Place"; and Lester Walbrugh, with "For Better or Wors".

Our finalists, who have the option of going into the anthology, as well as receiving some extremely useful editor notes to help improve their story-telling overall, with guidance from an editor, include Aito Osemegbe Joseph, Shaun van Rensburg, Erhu Amreyan, Jessica Liebenberg, Toby Bennett, Stephen Embleton, Livingston Edwards, William Burger, Mignotte Mekuria, and Janine Milne.

A very big congratulations to all of you!

We would like to thank this year's judges: Cat Hellisen, Dave de Burgh, Diane Awerbuck, Efemia Chela, Lauren Smith and Sarah Lotz, who had the difficult task of evaluating the short list.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

BLOODY PARCHMENT 2016 shortlist

We have our shortlisted stories gone through for judging. A huge thank you this year to our judges: Sarah Lotz, Diane Awerbuck, Cat Hellisen, Dave de Burgh, Lauren Smith and Efemia Chela. I'm hoping to rustle up their answers by mid-May, in which we will announce our finalists, runners-up and winner.

Our shortlisted authors are: 
Aito Osemegbe Joseph
Alexander Clark
Shaun van Rensburg
Erhu Amreyan
Jessica Liebenberg
Dhee Sylvester
Stephen Embleton
Toby Bennett
Kingsley Okpii
Blaize Kaye
Livingston Edwards
Brett Rex Bruton
William Burger
Lester Walbrugh
Mignotte Mekuria
Janine Milne

A huge congratulations, folks, and I wish you all the best!
Our next anthology releases soon; we'll keep you posted.